Our values.

Empathy: Only by truly understanding the challenges, needs and dreams of the people impacted by your work can we design simple solutions that solve real problems.

Authenticity: We bring our whole selves to everything we do, understanding that our individual experience and expertise brings tremendous value to our teammates and clients.

Clarity: Our ability to identify unseen problems enables us to pinpoint core issues and build solutions that solve unmet problems in straightforward and effective ways.

Stewardship: We can be trusted to do the right thing in the right way, act with integrity and transparency in the best interests of our clients, and accept full ownership of our actions.

DeliverHealth Donates School Supplies

DeliverHealth’s Global Culture Committee held its back to school supplies drive in August to collect and donate school supplies for students in Madison, WI and India.

Melissa Lesley Recognition

Mel has always demonstrated the ability to identify challenges in our processes for our team and clients. She is currently working on creating and improving processes for our department... a tough task. I appreciate that she is willing to listen to her team's feedback and is it transparent on changes that affect the team. She has demonstrated great leadership and is very approachable.


Melissa Lesley

EHR Services, Senior Manager

Joe Gallagher Recognition

We are very fortunate to have Joe in our team. The overall performance, consistency, and attention to detail is unbeatable.

There is a reason we have a long-running joke "Joe pulled his red pen". From .Net development to mobile development to people management, Joe is everywhere.


Joe Gallagher

Senior Manager, Product Engineering

Heather Gadberry Recognition

Heather has been with Nuance/DH on both sides of the coin. She is currently in Operations, but previously she was my manager in the Quality Department. Heather has always exhibited leadership qualities of integrity and problem-solving and is always there to listen to her employees' needs and assist them in achieving their goals. I am happy to be working with Heather again and hope to be for a long time to come.


Heather Gadberry

Manager, Operations II

Tajinder Singh Recognition

TJ is the glue that keeps our teams together! His ability to keep groups on track, deliver on objectives, be persistent in our goals, and do it all while being personable and professional. I can't count the number of times I've been in meetings where someone says, 'we need TJ here!'

TJ is a tremendous asset to the DH team, and we appreciate him!


Tajinder Singh

Manager, Principal Program Office

Jerry Recognition

Jerry incorporates all of DeliverHealth’s values as he authentically provides clarity to clients’ issues or requests while empathizing with the client, especially when it is outside of the DeliverHealth scope but still effects our outcomes. This allows for the client to feel that they were heard and that they have someone in their corner supporting them. In that sense, he will always go above and beyond to be transparent with clients to explain why we are not able to provide a solution so they will understand it is not because we don’t want to help them, but because their request is outside our scope.


Jerry Crute
Manager, Technical Support

Karen Recognition

With her extensive experience and content knowledge, she has been a great leader for our team in so many ways. Leading us through many changes throughout the last year with such positivity and reassurance. Always there to support everyone with unique client requests by thinking outside of the box but also keeping us on track to meet out team goals.


Karen Bratovz
Regional Director,
Customer Success

Jeff Recognition

Jeff worked on requests from all angles over the years. From direct customer communications, to daily running teams, managing people and standing our ground in conversations with Microsoft. Carrying about our platform. More importantly - carrying about people working on this platform.
We would have never went this far, this high up, without Jeff Banschbach.


Jeffrey Banschbach
Director, Software Architecture

Max Recognition

Max has routinely made himself available to the Growth team to help answer questions and shed light on the ins/out of eSOne. He recently supported us at HIMSS and his ability to take the conversation further with his technical expertise was invaluable. The whole team enjoyed getting to listen to and learn from him! A big thanks from all of us, Max!


Max Malyk
Sr. Director, Product Management
& Customer Experience

Joe Recognition

It was tough to just pick ONE value to nominate Joe for because he displays each value in everything he does! I chose authenticity because he has such a wealth of knowledge that he has brought to his role and uses it to help drive the business forward in so many ways. From the implementation and launch of our beautiful intranet to taking the time to edit the podcast, town halls, and other media to managing our social media, Joe creates so much value for both internal and external stakeholders. Thank you for everything you do Joe!

Joe Agostinelli

Joe Agostinelli
Manager, PR/Internal Communications

Joe Recognition

"I nominated Alex for authenticity because he always brings 110% to the table. I have worked with him in a few different avenues now and I can say without a doubt that he brings so much value to our team. Alex has been asked twice now to hop onto short term projects and in both instances, he blew our expectations out of the water. He continuously exceeds our expectations with the quantity and quality of his work. Alex has been an amazing asset to the team and we truly appreciate his efforts!"

Joe Agostinelli

Alex Ursache
ATE Support

Santosh Recognition

"Santosh is one of the "people's man" kind of leader and a manager I have come across. I am grateful to be part of his team. 
He keeps the team first before himself and is always ready to help, assist and provide solutions."

Joe Agostinelli

Santosh Battepati
Senior Manager, O2C

Michelle Recognition

"Michelle shows empathy in her everyday work. She wants to improve processes and works diligently to find solutions. She has wonderful follow through and reassures you she will get back to you. Thank you for being you, Michelle!"

Joe Agostinelli

Michelle Sloan
NextGen Technical Specialist

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Our Global Culture.

DeliverHealth team members work across multiple continents. One team. One Global Culture.

Our newly formed Global Culture Committee serves our team members to plan volunteer events, theme days, and additional activities so that no matter the miles or oceans that may separate us, we’re still having fun and collaborating while helping to improve patient care for our customers with fewer burdens.

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