AI in action: Experience it at DeliverHealth’s Booth 760 at #HIMSS24

February 13, 2024 |
Andrea Schlosser, Senior Director, Sales, DeliverHealth
February 13, 2024
Andrea Schlosser, Senior Director, Sales, DeliverHealth

You can’t discuss the future of healthcare without these two letters: AI. 

That’s why we’re so excited to meet up with you at HIMSS 2024 in Orlando from March 12-14. Stop by booth 760 and get hands-on demos of our newest AI-enabled solutions designed to help you simplify documentation, improve coding efficiency and enhance accuracy, and capture more revenue. 

Let’s look at three of the can’t-miss tools you’ll see at the show. 


eSOne™ InstaNote: Rethinking healthcare documentation with AI-powered precision 

What if you or your providers could save 90 minutes a day on their documentation? It’s possible with eSOne™ InstaNote, the new AI-powered documentation solution from DeliverHealth.

InstaNote leverages the power of proprietary generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) to create high-quality, accurate documentation from patient encounters and dictation in mere moments. 

Unlike pure ambient solutions, InstaNote works for dictated notes. The dictation/note comes back to the physician in near real time. This gives physicians more time with patients. It also increases the accuracy and specificity of the note, because it’s captured much closer to the episode of care and therefore is more top-of-mind for providers. 

Additionally, InstaNote can respond back to providers with key questions. This increases the accuracy and specificity of documentation, creating positive impacts on continuity of care and reimbursement. Providers who use InstaNote for transcription can expect to receive their documentation almost instantly after submission. Practitioners who prefer scribing can use the ambient multi-speaker audio within eSOne InstaNote for distraction-free documentation. This brings the added benefits of more quality time with patients and increased patient throughput. 

What’s even more exciting is that InstaNote is built right into the eSOne platform, so onboarding is quick and easy. No training is required for current eSOne users. You can also expand InstaNote with add-ons like Orders, Care Plans, and Pharmacy Services to further reduce your providers’ documentation burdens. 

With InstaNote, it’s possible to slash your current documentation costs by 50%, increase productivity, and capture an extra $100,000 – $120,000 in revenue each year. Stop by booth 760 and we’ll show you how.


PerformPlatform: Experience the industry’s only coding AI engine integrator 

Coding, whether by humans or AI, depends on highly accurate and specific physician notes. Dictation is important, because it’s very hard for physicians to add the medical specificity required for accurate coding into the patient-physician dialogue.  

InstaNote creates a foundation for accurate and complete documentation by delivering notes in real time—and clarifying questions with providers as needed—so it’s ready for coding and billing instantaneously. The PerformPlatform then picks up the ball and runs it across the goal line by creating fast, efficient AI-enabled autonomous coding. 

PerformPlatform consumes both unstructured and structured documentation and breaks down sentences and clinical aspects within the medical record. Then, the AI engine within the platform converts the documentation to the correct codes with zero human intervention. The sophisticated model applies multiple leading-edge technologies—NLP, natural language understanding (NLU), conversational language understanding (CLU), machine learning, deep learning, and large language models—to understand relevancy and deliver on accuracy. 

As a result, organizations can generate codes and send them directly to billing in minutes. This reduces the administration burden for everyone involved in the revenue cycle and allows human coders to focus on more complex tasks such as inpatient coding. What’s more, because PerformPlatform is designed to accommodate multiple AI engine integration, it empowers health systems to achieve service optimization and rapid scalability. 


Patient Simplifier App: Revolutionizing healthcare experiences

Digital health is ripe for AI innovation, and DeliverHealth is leading the way by introducing the new Patient Simplifier app at HIMSS24. It’s an invaluable tool for patients, caregivers, and anyone who is looking to navigate their healthcare journey effortlessly. 

Patient Simplifier uses advanced AI and LLM technology to interpret medical jargon, creating clear summaries of both after-visit summaries and lab results regardless of the provider, health system, or electronic medical record. Users will be able to easily understand these documents by either photographing printed copies or accessing digital health records. 

In addition, the app will provide intuitive medication guidance through barcode-scanning technology. It will also give users AI-driven suggestions for scheduling medical appointments, empowering patients to manage their health better. 


What else you’ll see from DeliverHealth at HIMSS24

While you can see the latest in AI inside booth 760 at HIMSS 24, you can also check out multiple solutions and services that are simplifying the complexities of healthcare, including: 

Want to learn more? There’s no need to wait for HIMSS24. Let’s start a conversation today. We’d love to hear more about what keeps you up at night and how we can help.