Building a Global Culture at DeliverHealth to Serve Customers

September 11, 2023 |
September 11, 2023

DeliverHealth employs more than 1,300 team members across three continents, and five countries and has a primarily remote workforce.

Throughout 2023, DeliverHealth has worked with its cross-functional teams and requested feedback on employee engagement activities in an effort to build a stronger global culture in the ‘workplace’ that fosters employee engagement and success.

Earlier this year, the organization formed its Global Culture Committee (GCC), comprised of team members across the U.S. and India and Canada. The GCC leads the efforts to create engagement events that reflect DeliverHealth’s mission, vision and values.

“We have teams and employees in different states, time zones, counties and offices,” said Mary Donahue, AVP, People and Communications. “Our GCC continues to develop new programs and initiatives to engage our teams and employees to give back to our communities, interact with each other despite not seeing each other every day and helping to develop our global culture that makes DeliverHealth a great place to work and it turn, help our team members be successful in serving our customers.”

Recently, some team members gathered in Madison, WI, for a team member picnic, typically held annually, but paused during the COVID-19 pandemic. At DeliverHealth India, festivals, holidays and team building events are often held both at the DeliverHealth office and outside of work.

“Our team takes great pride in the work they do every day to ensure the success of our customers around the world,” said Mou Roy, Director, People Team. “We recently celebrated Independence Day in India with an in-office celebration and completed our Back-to-School Supplies Drive to benefit local students in our community.”

In addition, events that the DeliverHealth GCC has spearheaded this year include fireside chats with members of the executive leadership team and DeliverHealth Gives Back in June, promoting team members to use Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to take on community service projects. The GCC meets monthly to discuss ideas for ongoing culture engagement events incorporating the diverse cultures on the team members that make up DeliverHealth.

“We had great response from our team members for both of these initiatives and it has led to additional interaction and engagement with each other across the globe,” says Donahue. “It is certainly challenging given the locations of all of our employees, but it’s great to see so many meet up in their communities and providing ideas for additional engagement activities.”

Aside from GCC events, DeliverHealth also recognizes team members who have been nominated by their peers for living the company’s values each month during their monthly company-wide town halls. Employees are also featured on the company’s intranet and LinkedIn for their achievements.

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