DeliverHealth Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 5, 2022 |
March 5, 2022

DeliverHealth celebrates the achievements of women worldwide. 

Join us on International Women’s Day as we honor and recognize our female coworkers and their contributions to breaking down gender bias. 

“Mary Parks provides the best service to all employees. She is nice, caring and an excellent problem-solver. Mary goes above and beyond and ALWAYS has a smile on her face!”

“Jiaqian Huang is the senior developer on the web team. Over the years, she has been working hard to make our product better. I’m very impressed with her efforts to clean and optimize our codebase. Her work helps the current and future web developers by providing everyone with cleaner and easy-to-read code.”

“Preethi Santhosh is my Team Leader. Her commitment to her work is appreciable. She is a great communicator and I want to thank her for all the support I have received from her.”

“Alannah Polino’s role is one that I could never do. I see her pulled in a million different directions every day. She’s in charge of keeping customers happy, and that means wrangling us together to get nuggets of information that somehow she synthesizes into meaningful communication with our clients. I don’t know how she does it, but she does. She does it with a smile on her face and maintains positive relationships with her coworkers and clients alike. Basically, she crushes it. It’s a joy to work with her.”

“I have known Tammy Preisner personally and professionally since 2015, when we began working together. Tammy Preisner joined as our Chief Legal & Compliance Officer and I learned through our friendship that she had gone back to get her graduate degree and her law degree after staying home as a single mom to raise her son. I know many people don’t know that about her or realize the path she traveled to get to where she is today. I admire the sacrifices she made and the ambition that she exhibited to reach her goals.”

“Melissa Lesley inspires me daily. She has moved from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager to Manager of Ambulatory Solutions and she has filled a number of gaps during that time. Her breadth of knowledge and common sense approaches have streamlined many workflows, making an already amazing staff that much more efficient! The knowledge she has would enable her to do any job in the Ambulatory world, but her willingness to share and transfer that knowledge for the betterment of the team and company is what makes her special. She truly roots for everyone and makes every team member shine.” 

“When Jordan Guthrie was the product manager of Gemini last year, she answered a lot of crucial questions from developers and cleared plenty of roadblocks on the product side for the developers. This helps the Gemini project move forward faster.”

“Hein Mai is the QA lead of the PX team. Every product will go through her before releasing to the client. She helps developers catch the potential bugs before it’s out of the door. We appreciate her effort to ensure the quality of our product!”

“Rinkal is bold, ethical, organized, and strong. She is definitely a field expert, genuine and persistent.”

“Priyanka Soni does a great job and manages her work very well despite the challenges she has had. She took out time from her busy schedule, studied and passed the CA final exam to become a qualified CA.”

“Ashley Horton has a wealth of knowledge and is always eager to help and share ideas. Her energy is contagious!”

“I would like to recognize Mary Donahue for her exceptional effort to help me through the immigration process that involves communicating with multiple parties simultaneously, going through hundreds of pages of documents, answering tricky questions, researching to figure out how the immigration process works and more. This process has been long and sometimes frustrating, but Mary has been working her hardest to make it as smooth as possible. I can’t thank her enough.”

“Poornima D. is a great person to work with and very supportive.”

“Rekha Raghavan has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help. She is organized, has a positive outlook and is a great coworker. Thanks, Rekha, for all you do!”

“Susan Abraham is her best at work and with her family. She is the best when it comes to charity and helping those in need, and she is always willing to help when someone contacts her.”

“I would like to recognize Jill Rice for her hard work, dedication and always going the extra mile for our employees!”

“Kirti Verma is one of our team members who is an outstanding performer, keen to learn new things and a fantastic co-worker.”