EHR Patient Portal Support: The Magic Wand for Better Patient Experiences, Satisfaction and Loyalty

July 19, 2021 |
July 19, 2021

Covid changed the entire healthcare landscape and amplified the importance of a patient-centric approach in all aspects of the patient journey. This includes the EHR experience.

Organizations that capitalize on post-pandemic shifts and implement strategies focused on patient experience will find increased satisfaction rates – both from patients and clinicians. The best place to start is with your EHR’s patient portal.

The opportunities to improve patients’ portal experience are endless. Focus on a single, simplistic access point for patients to perform the functions they are accustomed to doing online, like scheduling appointments, managing prescriptions, and participating in telemedicine visits.

Seventy-four percent of millennials prefer telemedicine visits to in-person visits. And 93 percent of patients say they would use telemedicine to manage their prescriptions. Clearly, these are EHR portal services are crucial to your patients’ experiences.

The benefits to thinking “patient-first” aren’t just centered around convenience for the patient. They lead to better patient health overall in the following ways.

  • Virtual access to, and participation in their healthcare journey, reduces patient anxiety levels.
  • Patients feel better when they are in control of their information.
  • Expedited connections to providers and results gives patients a sense of security, trust and health system loyalty.
  • A dedicated EHR patient portal support team helps guide patients through the EHR journey and builds confidence with your portal technology.

The initial investment in EHR patient portal support yields big dividends in patient experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.  Stronger patient proficiency with your portal builds higher comfort levels with your EHR and your organization.

In our experience, it takes 12 minutes to walk a patient through all aspects of portal use and six minutes to do a password reset (which comprise 99 percent of calls). Compared to a 30-minute wait time at an in-person visit or call, this time spent with your EHR patient portal support team is minimal. This greatly helps organizations deliver exceptional customer service and patient satisfaction.

Benefits for Your Patients:

The EHR patient portal support team is a security blanket for patients. They feel their information is protected, in their control, and comes with support when they have technological or care issues.

Benefits for Your Clinicians:

Clinicians are relieved when patients have easy and secure access to information. An added plus is that EHR patient portal support teams relieve some of the patient call burden and puts EHR portal questions in the hands of the right people.

In the end, a dedicated EHR patient portal support team benefits the patient, the clinician and the organization overall.  Taking the time to invest in EHR portal strategies that consider the patient point of view pays off for an organization’s long-term success.


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