Generative AI-Powered Documentation: Say Hello to eSOne™ InstaNote

April 1, 2024 |
April 1, 2024

By Rinkal Patel, MHA, Director, Scribe Service Line, and Garrett Dunne, Principal Product Owner, eSOne


If you’ve been waiting for the day that generative AI would alleviate the intense burden of physician documentation once and for all, it’s finally here.

DeliverHealth is proud to present eSOne™ InstaNote. Built into the powerful eSOne™ Platform, InstaNote leverages the transformative power of generative AI to create structured medical documents for providers in moments.

Available in two easy-to-use versions, eSOne InstaNote represents a bold step forward in helping providers save time and money while improving the quality of their documentation. Let’s take a closer look at how this transformative technology works.


The power of generative AI, combined with a trusted workflow

Documentation solutions can only benefit clinicians if they deliver an easy-to-use workflow that physicians trust. And that’s one of the biggest benefits clinicians get with eSOne InstaNote. We’ve designed it to follow the same familiar workflows providers already use within eSOne. That means doctors can start using esOne InstaNote to document patient encounters with generative AI immediately—no extra training or additional administrative steps required.

Clinicians start by logging into the eSOne Platform from whatever device they choose—iPhone, Android, or desktop. They then select a patient from their schedule and choose their preferred documentation method. Then, with the tap of a button, they start recording or dictating the patient encounter, leveraging the same front-end speech and voice commands they’ve used in the past.

Once the recording stops, our proprietary generative AI engine takes over. It creates a preliminary draft of medical documentation in near real-time—faster than most other competing solutions. Seamless integration between the eSOne platform and your EHR of choice means that data gets entered automatically into the patient encounter, saving clinicians even more time.

What’s unique about our generative AI model? The Large Language Model (LLM) that drives eSOne InstaNote accurately captures the physician-patient conversation and puts the conversation into the appropriate context. It goes beyond delivering baseline-level accuracy in that it’s also “smart.” That is, it can capture natural conversation and rapidly return a structured and precise note. Our team at DeliverHealth is constantly upgrading and refining the model to make it as effective and efficient as possible for providers.


Two InstaNote options, same amazing benefits

eSOne InstaNote is available to organizations in two versions. The standard edition of eSOne InstaNote delivers real-time preliminary medical documentation via AI, which allows physicians to review the documentation directly in the EHR or on the eSOne Platform.

eSOne InstaNote+ goes several steps further than eSOne InstaNote. InstaNote+ sends the AI-generated documentation to a trained medical scribe, who will review the note and make appropriate changes for provider to review and sign off in the EHR. eSOne InstaNote+ also includes multiple additional features—such as pre charting, orders, and more —designed to reduce clinician’s documentation burdens further.

eSOne™ InstaNote

eSOne™ InstaNote+

Multiple Workflows on one platform
Real-Time Preliminary Medical Documentation Available
Chart Preparation
Orders (Labs, Rx, and Radiology)
Procedure Notes
PQRS, MURs, MIPs, etc.
Discharge Summary and Patient Instructions


How AI and eSOne InstaNote change the game for clinician documentation

By using generative AI to reinvent healthcare documentation, eSOne InstaNote delivers many tangible benefits to providers, including:

Less time on documentation and more time with patients. Clinicians can save an average of 90 minutes a day on documentation with eSOne InstaNote. That means, at the very least, they can stop spending nights and weekends on documentation. With more time savings, providers can see more patients and generate additional revenue for their practice or organization.

Reduce documentation-related expenses. eSOne InstaNote delivers roughly a 50% reduction in documentation costs vs. the current costs most providers face today.

Less risk of provider burnout. More than half (53%) of providers say they’ve felt signs of burnout over the past year, and 61% of those providers reference high volumes of bureaucratic tasks as the reason for that burnout. Because eSOne InstaNote delivers faster documentation with AI-powered precision, physicians will increase their productivity and reduce their risk of burnout.

Generate more revenue. By completing the documentation process in mere moments, organizations and provider groups can save up to $10,000 per month. That adds up to a potential revenue improvement up to $100,000 to $120,000 annually.


How secure is eSOne InstaNote?

Because eSOne InstaNote is designed within our HITRUST-certified eSOne Platform, it leverages the benefits of eSOne’s Azure Cloud data security architecture. InstaNote and eSOne are monitored 24/7 on infrastructure, security, threats, and vulnerabilities.


What else can providers accomplish with eSOne?

In addition to offering eSOne InstaNote capabilities and transcription, the eSOne Platform offers two types of medical scribing.

Asynchronous medical scribing – Clinicians will use our eSOne mobile app to record patient encounters. Our scribe will listen to the recording and create a note in the EHR for providers to review and sign off.

Synchronous medical scribing – Clinicians will use our eSOne inquiry platform to connect with an expert medical scribe on their device (desktop or mobile) to see the patient. The provider will take the device into each examination room and place it between themselves and the patient. A scribe on the other end will listen to the encounter and take notes, which will be available for the provider to review and sign off in the EHR.


Explore what’s possible with AI clinician documentation and eSOne InstaNote

Generative AI has generated tremendous buzz, and we’re sure you have many questions about how it’s redefining clinician documentation. We can set up a demo for you. Just reach out to us and we’ll get started.