New Research Gives Gemini an A+!

February 4, 2022 |
February 4, 2022

As you search for ways to create a mobile-first patient experience, you’ll encounter plenty of solutions, multiple vendors, and lots of promises. But how do you know which solutions will truly work best for your healthcare organization and your patient consumers?

If you’re like most health system and children’s hospital leaders, you want to uncover what a solution’s customers really think about any given technology. And you’ll be grateful to find unbiased research reports that offer you insights about both the solution and the team behind the product.

KLAS Research serves as such a source of transparency. They’ve published impartial customer data and reports on software, service, and medical equipment for more than 25 years, separating fact from fiction in emerging technologies. They recently published an Emerging Technology Spotlight on the Gemini patient engagement software from DeliverHealth, which offers healthcare organizations and their patient consumers a mobile-first digital front door. What early adapters of Gemini told KLAS Research is impressive.

100% scores and A+ ratings across the board

To conduct its research, KLAS interviewed representatives of three healthcare organizations currently using Gemini, including academic health systems and a small standalone hospital. Each of these early adapters said they began seeing positive outcomes immediately after using Gemini.

In addition, Gemini earned:

  • 100% overall customer satisfaction
  • 100% likelihood to recommend
  • A+ grades for functionality, integration capabilities & executive involvement

According to the report, “Gemini is well-designed to support provider organizations as healthcare reimbursement practices move toward higher levels of value-based care.”

More than ‘just a vendor’

KLAS also asked early adapters to discuss their experience working with DeliverHealth. Respondents highlighted DeliverHealth’s close partnership, proactive customer service, and strong go-live execution. Said one interviewee: “The vendor is as much of a strategic partner as they are a technology partner.” Another noted that DeliverHealth “frequently reaches out and talks about its roadmap.”

Effective digital front doors go beyond the patient portal

KLAS conducted this research as a way to understand and codify digital front door technology and its impact on healthcare organizations nationwide. While patient portals represented an earlier version of a digital front door for a hospital, many organizations today seek solutions that can integrate multiple other existing and emerging technologies, guiding patient consumers through every touch point on their care journey.

Health systems and children’s hospitals using Gemini benefit from full integration with their EHR platforms. That means they can continue to take advantage of all of their EHR’s built-in functionality. In addition, Gemini enables an ever-expanding list of out-of-the-box integrations with an organization’s current solutions. That means organizations can can bring scheduling, payment, telehealth visits, health risk assessments, patient monitoring, wayfinding, and more all into the same app, giving patient consumers true unified digital patient experience.

Gemini also is white-labeled, so your digital front door will carry your organization’s name and branding. The software is designed to scale with you as your organization grows its digital capabilities.

Learn what else early adapters say about Gemini

Early adapters of Gemini told KLAS’ team a whole lot more, including insights into expected outcomes, adoption of key functionality, and considerations for organizations looking into a digital front door solution. Read the full report to learn more.

If you’re ready to see what Gemini can do for you, request a demo today.