Straight Talk on Digital Transitions with HIMSS Media

March 22, 2021 |
March 22, 2021

Launching a new company in healthcare IT is a notable experience and a day to be celebrated. I had the opportunity to spend part of DeliverHealth’s opening day with Bill Siwicki, Features Editor at HIMSS Healthcare IT News. We explored the healthcare industry’s challenges over the past twelve months including shutdowns, restarts and aggressive back-to-work strategies. Our conversation also included the journey towards digital transformation and how winners in healthcare IT will continue to pivot and adapt to new deamnds.

That’s where DeliverHealth comes in. In this HIMSS interview, I share seven practical steps for leaders to take during the post-pandemic reset and along the journey toward the new healthcare IT goal—digital transformation. Here are my seven suggestions for the year ahead. 

  • Maintain a must-do mindset to look forward and lead locally.
  • Use the pandemic as a catalyst to view, simplify and adapt EHR
  • Recognize the people factor in digital transitions. People are the true catalyst to enable and accelerate digital transformation.
  • Tap on vendor partners to bring value outside of their typical or traditional paradigms.
  • Support patients through every step of their care journey.
  • Remove productivity barriers, simplify complex tasks and delete unnecessary steps.
  • Prioritize physician support in the clinical documentation process. 

The digitization of healthcare is actually more transitional than transformational. It’s a journey, not an event. Changes will be even more difficult for a healthcare workforce that was formerly within the four walls, but is now remote.

However, the desire and need for change in healthcare is exponentially higher now and our new marching orders are in place. Smarter workflows, more efficient EHRs and knowledgeable experts will help get us there.