Top of the KLAS: A Conversation with Michael Clark

October 18, 2022 |
October 18, 2022

For hospital and health system tech leaders, there’s always a new solution to investigate. But how do you cut through the noise and find out which healthcare technologies will make the greatest impact?

One unbiased source is KLAS Research. KLAS’ mission is to cut through the noise by investigating and validating which startup health IT companies—and their solutions—are solving real healthcare problems in the most innovative ways possible.


KLAS looks at technology based on how well it supports value-based care through the Quadruple Aim:

  • Improving population health
  • Reducing cost of care
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Improving provider satisfaction


Recently, KLAS Research released its Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report, and DeliverHealth was the only company ranked in the top 10 across all four Quadruple Aim areas. To explain what that means and why it matters, I sat down with our CEO, Michael Clark, on Episode 2 of our Healthcare: Simplified Podcast, “Top of the KLAS.” A few of the highlights from our revealing and frank discussion:


“We’re very selfless in focusing on solving our current customer problems. We then meet them where they are in their state of readiness.”


With more than 25 years in the health IT space, Michael has had a front-row seat at the intersection of healthcare and innovation. He came to DeliverHealth about 18 months ago after serving as a General Manager for one of the healthcare divisions of Nuance. Personally, his unwavering compassion not only for innovation, but for things like access and health equity, is what inspired me to work at DeliverHealth. As a leader, you can hear it in his voice—he genuinely cares and is committed to simplifying healthcare.

“I’ve seen the market evolve rapidly,” Michael says. “There’s just a ton of point solutions, each with merit in and of itself. But there is no comprehensive solution out there, and EHRs can’t build enough to fulfill the evolution of the demand for digital patient engagement.”

Michael has built DeliverHealth as a company that offers healthcare organizations a unique mix of software and services, helping them clear the way for creating essential, resilient connections among providers, clinicians, and patients. “Our solutions work,” he says. “They deliver what we say they will. The only barrier are [hospitals and health networks] themselves and how fast they can move toward digitization.”


“[Solutions must] be able to reduce costs, improve or increase appropriate revenue capture, and somehow improve the quality of care through the eyes of the physician and the patient.”


Michael and I then began diving into the KLAS rankings themselves. DeliverHealth ranks No. 1 for “improving patient experience,” No. 4 for “improving clinician experience,” is tied for sixth for “improving outcomes,” and is tied for ninth for “reducing the cost of care.” “I didn’t realize we were the only ones in the top 10 in all of them,” Michael says. “That’s fantastic. People try to pigeonhole different companies in different ways. It’s hard to pigeonhole us.”

Michael explains that the DeliverHealth approach to digital health is all about complementing the work that physicians and patients are already doing, supporting them with both technology solutions and the change management expertise they need to succeed. “All too often, solutions meet maybe one or two [of the Quadruple Aim goals],” Michael says. “We don’t allow ourselves to do that. We know we gotta nail cost, revenue, patient experience, and quality, for our customers.”


“The digitization of healthcare is evolving. We try to look where there’s complexity and simplify it.”


The foundation of DeliverHealth’s approach is its single, hosted, secure platform that’s already used by hundreds of group practices, community hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers, academic health centers, clinically integrated networks, for-profit, and not-for-profit health systems. The platform’s original intention was to improve clinical documentation. But DeliverHealth has expanded its platform to cover a range of services, including digital health, coding, EHR realization, and security and risk management in addition to documentation.

“The patient today has many different experiences: clinical, access, communications, and ultimately financial,” Michael says. “Often, each are very separate, distinct and disconnected. We try to look at areas where this complexity exists and simplify it.”


How can you reach the top of the KLAS?

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