Building a Digital Front Door Without an Adoption Strategy? Think Again …

Building a Digital Front Door Without an Adoption Strategy? Think Again …

UTSW has one of the top 5 MyChart adoption rates in the state and sought to integrate that success within a single mobile strategy. Additionally, they incorporated dozens of other digital point solutions, such as asking patients to use MyChart for messaging doctors, getting test results, paying bills and more.  Learn how they created a strategy and built buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. Understand UTSW’s approach to building, promoting and optimizing the new strategy, leading to 600+ downloads in the first week.


Learning Objectives: 

  • How to incorporate a product adoption strategy into your Digital Front Door
  • Identify some best practices on how to engage internal stakeholders with your Digital Front Door strategy
  • How to accelerate your time from acquisition, to build, to launch
DH Scribing: Reduce Documentation Time

DH Scribing: Reduce Documentation Time

Combine the power of real-time, in-room recording with our expert scribes for quality and timely documentation directly into your EHR.

Join DeliverHealth’s Buddy Schwenk, Solutions Consultant, and Rinkal Patel, Director of Scribe Service Line, for an educational webinar about scribing. Scribing combines the power of real-time, in-room recording with expert medical scribes, giving your organization quality and timely documentation uploaded directly into your EHR.

Our customers using scribe love the experience, quality, and turnaround time. Having the scribing functionality within their current platform allows their physicians to toggle between transcription and scribe without having to roll out new technology or processes.

See for yourself how it can give your providers less screen time and more face time with patients.

Epic Simple Visit Coding Benefits and Pitfalls

Epic Simple Visit Coding Benefits and Pitfalls

Make the most of your biggest investment, Epic, and avoid common pitfalls. Reduce compliance risks and potential denials by ensuring SVC is used in the most appropriate areas.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn more about SVC effectiveness
  • Identify signs your SVC needs tweaking
  • Strengthen governance around SVC
  • Improve compliance
Explaining the SAFER Guides

Explaining the SAFER Guides

Join us for a free webinar concerning the SAFER Guides, their purpose, and how they affect healthcare practices and organizations. The SAFER Guides make up part of a new federal Promoting Interoperability measure and we want to make sure you are up to date on what this means for your organization.
Denial Pain Points

Denial Pain Points

Join DeliverHealth’s Leigh Ann Braswell, Director of Coding Solutions and Nicki Bucceri, Senior Manager of Coding Solutions, in this educational webinar reviewing common denial pain points in profee and hospital settings. We will share some tips on how to be proactive and make the process easier.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Review overall common denial themes
  • Outline coding denial trends
  • Explain root causes
  • Actions you can take to prevent denials in coding

Your attendance can out toward one CEU with AHIMA!
Domain: Revenue Cycle Management

Simplifying Modifiers and Common Edits​

Simplifying Modifiers and Common Edits​

Proper use of modifiers is essential to timely and accurate reimbursement but can be challenging for even seasoned coders. In this webinar, we will review the purpose of modifiers, learn to recognize when modifiers should be applied, and how to avoid misuse of modifiers.

In this session the audience will:
• How to properly resolve NCCI edits including a breakdown of -59 and associated -X modifiers
• Proper use of modifier -25, especially in the office or outpatient setting
• Understanding the -57/-54 combination
• And more!

Your attendance can count toward one CEU with AHIMA!
Domain: Data structure, content, and data governance.