Clinical Documentation,

Welcome to the new era of AI-powered clinical documentation. We’ve tapped into our years of technology and healthcare expertise to create the industry’s most advanced clinical documentation solution. With eSOne InstaNote, you get consistent results, real-time notes, unmatched accuracy, an easy-to-use interface, and a seamless, multi-channel experience.

It’s time to reimagine clinical documentation with eSOne InstaNote.

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When it comes to the number one AI-powered clinical documentation solution, seeing is believing. Get ready to stop imagining a world where your documentation time can be cut in half, and start living it.


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See How eSOne InstaNote Is AI-Powered and Clinician-Inspired

Watch the video and discover the benefits of eSOne InstaNote, including:

  • Real-time documentation
  • Unmatched speed and accuracy
  • Lower documentation costs by up to 50%
  • Higher revenue realization
  • Increased patient throughput
  • Reduced documentation time
  • Increased patient and provider satisfaction
  • User-friendly interface
pictured: the cover of DeliverHealth's eBook featuring a person wearing a lab coat extending a hand with holographic technical circuitry floating above | text: The AI-Powered Revolution in Clinical Documentation

Get the eBook: The AI-Powered Revolution in Clinical Documentation

Although advanced scribing and transcription solutions have eased the documentation burden, ambulatory care physicians still spend more than three hours a day on it. Read our eBook to learn how clinical documentation has been reimagined with the help of AI for the benefit of facilities, clinicians, and patients.

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If You Think You Know Clinical Documentation, Think Again

Get the facts and discover how eSOne InstaNote is revolutionizing clinical documentation.