Virtual services

Welcome to the new normal.

DeliverHealth virtual services advance your EHR adoption and proficiency.

Remote work and technologies are here to stay.

Even as the world re-opens, it remains clear that being able to pivot to a virtual environment is going to continue to be a business mainstay from now on. DeliverHealth offers a full slate of virtual programs – from activations to training – we can help!

EHR Video Series

The future of the EHR is now! Interested in hearing from our experts on topics from updates to training? Look no further than our YouTube channel. We’ve got a 5-part series on the your EHR.

What We Offer

Virtual training
Deliver an effective and innovative learning experience that drives adoption. Our project plan, curriculum, and virtual training methodologies maximize training engagement through flexible schedules and targeted training (users, skill sets, modules, etc.) that ease EHR activations.

Virtual provider usability sessions
Protect the patient and provider experience by familiarizing users with their day-to-day specialty-based workflow. Providers schedule one-on-one virtual sessions and practice core skills in an EHR environment integrated with DeliverHealth technology to learn how to effectively use documentation tools.

Virtual walkthrough needs assessments
Ease EHR activation by readying an effective virtual command center. Web-based documents combine with a remote assessment to determine resource schedules, assignments, and area of expertise while frequent one-on-one virtual planning sessions present the opportunity for managers to address concerns.

Virtual command center activation support
Reduce work disruptions with 24/7 remote support dispatched through a virtual command center during activation. Videoconferencing applications serve up virtual support rooms that achieve an at-the-elbow feel for remote experts to assist users with Epic and Dragon workflows and new tools. Remote command center planning uses skillset and cultural matching to ready dually trained (Dragon and Epic) resources to provide effective remote resolution of critical issues.

Remote chart abstraction services
Prevent data loss and prepare charts for use by inputting data (patient records, appointments) from the existing system into the new EHR. Use web-based tools to achieve chart abstraction efficiency from a remote setting.

Remote activation planning
Ready an organization for a new EHR by using technological mediums to conduct virtual meetings with key stakeholders and project team members. Outline needs, set goals, and build project delivery plans that drive EHR adoption and utilization.

Why go virtual?

  • Help meet EHR performance goals
  • Provide uninterrupted training
  • Ensure successful cut-over
  • Reduce resource and travel costs
  • Enhance patient safety with readied EHR users

What are the technical requirements?

  • Client network access
  • Supported application access
  • Citrix Director/SCCM access
  • Desktop sharing software for remote access to a user computer
  • Scheduling tool
  • PRD access at the time of personalization (for provider usability sessions only)

    Interested in learning more and staying remote?

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