Graham Argott | Chief Financial Officer

People need simple technology options, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Wielding a savvy, analytical approach to finance, Graham has boosted results for companies in a variety of industries. He has nearly 30 years years of diversified finance and management experience in software, telecommunications, and healthcare-related companies.

Among his many successes prior to joining DeliverHealth Solutions, he was Chief Financial Officer at Documentation Services Group (healthcare document management services), Chief Financial Officer at Door Control (automated entry systems), and Vice President of Finance at United Sciences (imaging software R&D).

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How Graham would like customers to describe DeliverHealth: Responsive partners providing solutions to technological challenges in order to support their primary mission to provide patient care to the community.

The best advice he has ever received: Listen, don’t talk. Be the least smart in the room.

People (living or deceased) that Graham would like to have dinner with: Elon Musk, Pat Metheny, and Herman Miller.

His hobbies and interests: Music, tennis, spending time at the beach, reading, and art.

Inspired by Your Success

DeliverHealth is built on leadership continuity, and we’re proud to offer knowledgeable partners who inspire simplicity with technology that removes the complexity.

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