John Malanowski | Chief People Officer

It’s all about the end-user experience. If it’s too complicated, people will move on.

John has the unique ability to get the most out of people by creating working environments that drive greater success. He is an experienced human resource executive with more than three decades of global leadership experience including CHRO roles with an early stage startup, a groundbreaking publicly traded technology company, and two healthcare systems. He has a passion for building organizations through the lens of business-driven workforce programs and talent strategies.

His impressive professional background includes leadership roles at CMGI/Engage Media, Raytheon, Kimberly-Clark, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Virence Health, and Kepro. He’s also served on the boards of Colby Sawyer College and ThedaCare.

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The app John can’t live without: Instagram.

Hobbies: Travel, backcountry hiking, and home renovations.

Where John finds his inspiration: From the people he works with.

Where he sees healthcare IT going in the next few years: Technology in healthcare will bring the patient and provider relationship closer together and enable better self care.

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