Can Performance Analytics Impact the EHR Clinical Documentation Conundrum?

EHRs have been implemented for nearly two decades in healthcare and many usability issues still remain. Of these, one of the top issues reported by physician users in virtually every EHR usability study is clinical documentation.

The ONC concurs. As stated in their February 2020 final report, “In practice, EHR systems and the way clinicians interact with them to complete documentation tasks often add to administrative burden.”

In Healthcare IT Today’s recent article on automating EHR documentation, the use of ambient clinical voice is recommended as one solution to the EHR clinical documentation conundrum. But, today its impact is limited, expensive and only specialty-focused. Until ambient clinical voice is widely available, what else can be done to simplify clinical documentation processes, procedures, and workflows? The answer lies in wider use of data and performance analytics to inform a variety of documentation options based on care setting, specialty and physician preference.



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