Coding and Revenue Integrity

Minimal-touch coding. Imagine the possibilities.

Reinvent your coding processes with automation in mind.

Stronger tools for greater coding efficiency.

Changes are ahead for medical coding, especially for outpatient services in the hospital and physician setting. New logic, rules, and workflows are necessary to meet the changing complexity of healthcare reimbursement and reporting. 

DeliverHealth is the new name in the middle revenue cycle of technology and services. With decades of EHR and middle revenue cycle expertise, our consultants partner with your revenue cycle leadership to make the grade.

Tighter integration of coding workflows, EHR tweaks, and intelligent coding technologies improve efficiency, while accelerating A/R days in the coding process.

Accelerate your revenue cycle with coding automation.

The DeliverHealth platform provides a coding workflow solution that enables organizations to increase efficiency by decreasing production coding timeboost accuracy through quality audits and automated feedback loops and accelerate cash flow… all made possible by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, clinical language understanding, and natural language processing.

Our platform also performs audits in real time, highlighting the exact areas where there are coding struggles.

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Epic Simple Visit Coding & analytics.

DeliverHealth provides consulting and a data analytics package to improve efficiency, reduce/redirect coding staff to maximize your Epic investment.  Epic tools advance simple cases from clinical documentation to billing. With DeliverHealth’s Epic Simple Visit Coding solution, you will have analytics at your fingertips, in real-time. When optimized, Epic Simple Visit Coding allows your coders to concentrate on more complex coding challenge, not to mention achieving a potential Epic Gold Star.

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Autonomous coding.

Boost cash flow, bill faster, decrease AR and give your coding team more time to manage complex coding. Use advanced technology to automatically code your outpatient accounts to maximize efficiency and accuracy while reducing cost. Unlike computer-assisted coding (CAC), autonomous coding uses AI, ML, and NLP to convert structured and unstructured documentation to the correct code, then transmits those codes directly to billing. DeliverHealth provides the know-how and technology, and your organization reaps the rewards.

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