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Coding Workflow and SmartAudit Automation

Coding Workflow and SmartAudit Automation

Leverage DeliverHealth's coding workflow platform with smart audit tools for 'Coding Your Way.' Gain efficiency while you optimize your coding workforce and infuse AI automation. Learn More
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Autonomous Coding

Autonomous Coding

PerformPlatform stands out as the industry’s only autonomous coding solution that offers embedded AI, as well as seamless integration to multiple proven AI engines, for optimized straight to bill automation. Next-gen computer algorithms, large language models, deep learning technology, and machine learning techniques reduce operation costs and time to bill. Learn More
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Coding & Audit Services

Coding & Audit Services

Relieve your coding demands with a team of highly experienced coders and auditors. Using either on-shore or off-shore coders, DeliverHealth has a rigorous focus on 95%+ quality. We will partner with you and customize a plan to ensure your needs for staffing, high coding accuracy, and speed to bill are exceeded. Learn More

Harness the Industry’s Best RCM AI

Keeping up with the revenue cycle demands is complex. DeliverHealth is focused on middle revenue cycle automation and services to provide solutions to these complex issues. With decades of revenue cycle and technology experience, our team partners with your leadership to apply our solutions. Accelerate your revenue cycle outcomes with coding automation.

Automation Solutions 

  • Improve productivity by at least 30%
  • Apply SmartAudit to support accuracy of over 95%

PerformPlatform stands as the industry’s exclusive coding and audit platform, offering predefined and integrated workflows. The platform encompasses AI to normalize documentation and validation rules, proven to improve coder productivity by at least 30%. Experience improved quality outcomes and reduced denials with embedded quality audit application and robust rules engine. Enjoy flexible solutions while driving efficiency and quality.

AI Coding Integrator

  • 24×7 coverage with reliability and scale
  • Reduce TAT to minutes
  • Reduce operating cost by 30% 

Our strategic approach offers a platform with embedded AI and the only AI engine aggregator in the industry. With multiple AI engines, the technology optimizes the coded output flowing directly to the bill, while applying smart audit techniques to ensure high quality. Our aggregated approach applies to multiple service lines for faster billing and reduced operating expenses.

Behind the Scenes

Meet Jesse Plascencia and learn more about the work our team does each day to live our values and deliver on our mission of improving patient care while reducing burdens on providers.