PerformPlatform – The Industry’s Only Coding AI Engine Integrator.

reduce costs, maintain quality, reduce time to bill

PerformPlatform is the only technology in the market to deploy embedded autonomous coding AI. Its designed with inherent workflow to accommodate multiple AI engine integration. This optimizes the results of straight-to-bill automation rates. 

The fastest route to scaling your autonomous coding and reaching optimal revenue cycle outcomes? Leveraging multiple autonomous coding vendors. This is the only path to rapid automation adoption. 

PerformPlatform Autonomous Coding is the only solution that empowers health systems to achieve rapid scalability. Thus, surpassing the benefits of relying solely on a single autonomous coding vendor. 

Coding AI Automation Outcomes Far Surpass CAC Outcomes.


Coding AI uses LLM, deep learning technology, and machine learning to code outpatient charts within seconds, with zero human intervention.
Reduce Cost – With sophisticated AI powered technology, the engine understands relevancy, unlike the traditional CAC automation. With autonomous coding engines, typically 40% to 70% of your cases are tagged with high confidence (95% accurate), and will flow straight to billing. Cases with low confidence will flow to a human coding professional. 

Increase Scalability & Future Proof – We provide an end-to-end solution that covers workflow management, integration with multiple AI engines, and the potential to incorporate emerging technologies seamlessly. This comprehensive approach simplifies the adoption of autonomous coding solutions, saves time and resources all while ensuring you remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving coding market. 

Maintain Quality – The PerformPlatform employs SmartAudit technology for comprehensive oversight of all coding activities, whether performed by a human coder or an AI engine. Chart flags and coding edits are completely customizable and automated for pre-bill or post-bill audit triggers. This transparency gives full view into the quality of the coding, while moving to straight to bill automation

Faster billing, less denials, and 95% accuracy.

Coding Your Way.

Improve coder satisfaction.

Give your coders the opportunity to perform at their highest level and reduce their workloads at the same time. The DeliverHealth Platform routes cases to autonomous coding engines or human coders based on criteria you define. Coders gain the time they need to evaluate complicated outpatient and inpatient encounters, sharpening skills that can help them advance their careers.