DeliverHealth’s PerformPlatform Infuse Efficiency & Improve Outcomes with Flexible Coding AI Automation Solutions

Optimize Your Workforce & Reduce Time to Bill

PerformPlatform is the industry’s only platform supporting a myriad of methods for coding, with the flexibility to accommodate manual on-shore or off-shore, partial automated coding or full AI coding. Embedded SmartAudit, with intelligent routing and coding workflow for pre-bill or post-bill reviews, ensures full transparency. 

Coding automation will provide a tool for increased labor efficiency, and increase your revenue cycle margins.

  • Increase Efficiency & Optimize Your Workforce Standardized clinical documentation and embedded validation rules result, on average, in a proven 30% increase in coder productivity. Powered by DeliverHealth SuperChart AI, the platform supports intake, validation, reconciliation, and standardization of various file formats, from multiple sources. Optimize your coding workflow.
  • Improve Coding Accuracy, Reduce Denials & Accelerate Revenue – Whether coding is performed by a human coder or through AI, our PerformPlatform is equipped with the capability to flag specific chart types, before or after billing, based on various criteria such as provider, location, payer, service line, and even individual codes using AI. Intelligent rules based routing will ensure a fully transparent view of the coding.
  • Flexible Solutions, Coding Your Way – You can leverage the system as SaaS or use with DeliverHealth coding and audit service support. You can choose human or autonomous coders, or both. You can deploy in-house. All while ensuring improved outcomes with visibility into productivity and quality. Leverage DeliverHealth’s coding workflow platform with smart audit tools for ‘Coding Your Way.’
  • Drive Results with Data – Coding and revenue cycle outcomes should not be left to chance. Performance through the lens of data is superior to a blind “black box” approach. PerformPlatform includes extensive reporting for detailed monitoring and a system of dashboards for high-level monitoring and trending analysis. 

PerformPlatform – Coding Automation for Improved Outcomes

PerformCycle: The DeliverHealth Dashboard and Reporting System

Practice Dashboard: Offers users a quick overview of the information flow within the DeliverHealth system. Allows you to monitor the progress of tasks and identify areas that require improvement. 

Documentation Dashboard: Provides in-depth insights into the volume of clinical documentation and its various states within the workflow. This information is crucial for ensuring that all clinical documentation moves efficiently and within designated timelines. 

Coding Dashboard: Designed for coding managers, it offers visibility into coder productivity and enables prompt responses to queue management and coder accuracy issues. 

Physician Dashboard: Tailored for individual physicians, this offers a snapshot of their documentation workflow, patient acuity, RVUs (Relative Value Units), and other key statistics that are essential for maintaining the quality of their work. 

Billing Dashboard: Available if billing system is integrated, allowing you to view billing velocity, posting activity, aged receivables, and a payment calendar that highlights dates of service requiring attention. Get comprehensive insights into billing-related activities if integrated with the billing system.