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Digital Front Door

Digital Front Door

Give your patients a single point of entry with a digital front door that connects 40+ digital health point solutions into one beautiful experience. Details
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Omni-Channel Communications

Omni-Channel Communications

Create app-less experiences through software and tech-enabled staffing services that answer your patients’ questions faster. Details
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Digital Health Solutions Integrator

Digital Health Solutions Integrator

Get guidance from experts in digital strategy, workflow, and adoption to build a highly orchestrated, future-focused digital health ecosystem. Details

Introducing the future of quick-to-market healthcare applications. 

Hospitals and health systems often struggle to manage the complexity of multiple digital health solutions, which can become siloed and disconnected, reducing their potential to enhance the patient experience. 

DeliverHealth is the pioneering Digital Health Solutions Integrator (DHSI), adept at streamlining your existing digital health solutions into a single white labeled, quick to market application. We focus on seamlessly integrating your essential systems, ensuring they work harmoniously and efficiently to offer a unified patient experience. 


Gemini: So simple, it’s brilliant.

Multiple patient-facing apps cause confusion. Rise above the noise with Gemini from DeliverHealth, a simple, mobile-first, comprehensive patient experience platform that gives your patients a single point of entry. Gemini lets you integrate your EHR and all your existing disparate point solutions into a single, attractive Digital Front Door.

Our award-winning platform is white-labeled, so it leverages the power of your brand. And because our app is optimized for iOS, Android, and Web, your patients will get instant digital access to your providers, locations, and services from wherever, whenever.

Start driving engagement, boosting patient loyalty and driving your health system forward with Gemini today.

Meet Pioneer by DeliverHealth: The ultimate customized digital health solution.

At DeliverHealth, we understand that every healthcare organization has unique needs, which is why we’re excited to announce Pioneer, the ultimate customized digital front door solution. Pioneer is designed to seamlessly integrate your existing third-party services into an all-in-one, powerful, and user-friendly application that elevates the patient experience and streamlines your organization’s operations.

Comprehensive Integration

Fully automated, conversational AI technology designed to anticipate your patient’s needs and provide simple, clear direction.

Enhanced Omni Channel Communications

A convenient, digital way to connect your patients to agents who are equipped with the right skillsets and knowledge to address their needs.

Scalable and Future Proof

Beyond a standard contact center, our live voice services provide a 360* engagement solution to acquire new patients, retain and engage existing patients, and drive customer lifetime value.

Key benefits of Pioneer:  

Join the Pioneer Revolution today.  

Embrace the power of customization with Pioneer by DeliverHealth and revolutionize the way you deliver healthcare services. Pioneer’s seamless integration and personalized user experience will redefine the standard of patient care, setting your organization apart in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape. 

Ready to explore the possibilities of Pioneer for your organization? Get in touch with our team of experts today to discuss how Pioneer can help you redefine patient experience and streamline your operations.