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Patient Simplifier App

Patient Simplifier App

Simplify medical information for your patients. It's not just a courtesy, in today's digital age, it's a necessity. Details
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Gemini for Non-Epic Systems

Gemini for Non-Epic Systems

Give your patients a single point of entry with a digital front door that connects 40+ digital health point solutions into one beautiful experience. Details
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Duet for Epic MyChart

Duet for Epic MyChart

Elevate Your MyChart Experience with Duet's Low-code/No-code Solution. Details
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Omni-Channel Communications

Omni-Channel Communications

Create app-less experiences through software and tech-enabled staffing services that answer your patients’ questions faster. Details

For Epic Health Systems & Practices: Enhancing Patient Experience with MyChart.

Our Digital Front Door initiatives for Epic users are centered around enhancing and extending the capabilities of MyChart Epic Submitted. Our goal is to create a seamless, user-friendly Pre-Login Web & Mobile Page that empowers patients and enhances their interaction with the health system. By leveraging our extensive experience in patient engagement and state-of-the-art AI integration, we tailor solutions that not only meet the unique needs of health systems but also pave the way for future advancements in digital healthcare.

  • Leverage a Health System’s investment in Epic
  • Deep integration with third party healthcare applications
  • Easy to use Low-Code No-Code backend to support MyChart
  • Real-Time in App Content Changes for Pre-Login Page
  • Marketing Campaign Support
  • User Analytics Dashboard

What is Gemini Digital Front Door Platform?

Discover a new horizon of patient engagement with Gemini, a comprehensive patient experience platform designed specifically for Community & Group Practice health systems. Our mobile-first (iOS & Android) approach ensures a seamless user experience, offering a one-stop solution for all patient needs. With Gemini, easily integrate and scale digital health services, ensuring your health system remains agile and patient-centric in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Tailored Digital Health Solutions for Non-Epic Community & Group Practice Health Systems.

DeliverHealth specializes in offering out of the box, white-labeled digital health solutions tailored to Community & Group Practice (CGP) health systems. Our offerings aim to bridge the digital divide by providing easy access to care and enhanced patient engagement through innovative technology. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing health infrastructure, paving the way for a digital transformation that puts the patient at the center.


  • Quick to market patient engagement platform
  • Easy access to Find-a-Doc and Find-a-Location
  • Simple EMR integration
  • Improve Revenue Capture with online Bill Pay
  • Marketing Campaign Support
  • Patient Wide Communications


Future-Forward Custom Health Solutions.

At DeliverHealth, we leverage our deep understanding of patient engagement strategies coupled with advanced AI integration to craft custom solutions for health systems. Whether you’re looking to improve existing digital channels or create new avenues for patient interaction, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that drive meaningful engagement and superior patient experiences.


  • Patient Engagement & Simplification Applications
  • Rev Cycle Improvement Application
  • Pre-authorization Application
  • Provider Feedback and Training


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