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eSOne™ InstaNote

eSOne™ InstaNote

Rethink healthcare documentation with our innovative solution leveraging Generative AI to instantly generate clinical documentation. Learn More
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Improve quality and efficiency of patient care with DeliverHealth scribes. Combine the power of real-time, in-room recording with our expert scribes for quality and timely documentation directly into your EHR. Learn More
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Accelerate revenue cycle, minimize disruption and improve turnaround times with DeliverHealth Transcription. Learn More
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Experience seamless access to quality documentation and optimized coding with DeliverHealth. Our cloud platform offers innovative features like ambient documentation, empowering your providers for efficiency and your organization for financial success. Learn More

Stop provider burnout in its tracks.

The DeliverHealth Platform can streamline your best-in-breed documentation solutions. Give your clinicians the flexibility and simplicity they crave and boost the accuracy of your clinical documentation. The powerful DeliverHealth platform—already trusted by 2,000+ healthcare organizations—is the only solution in the market that gives providers one-tap access to transcription, interpretation, and medical scribe services.

Documentation is not one size fits all.

Rethink healthcare documentation

Say goodbye to tedious workflows and hello to a new era of efficient, intelligent healthcare documentation with eSOne Instanote. eSOne InstaNote reinvents the way we document clinical information, harnessing the power of Generative AI to effortlessly transform clinical encounters.

Embrace the power of scribing

Give your providers more patient face time. Let DeliverHealth’s dedicated scribing team document patient encounters right from the DeliverHealth Platform. Scribing helps clinicians spend 75% of their time on direct clinical interaction and just 25% of their time on EHR-related tasks, helping organizations enhance patient care, improve provider satisfaction, and speed their revenue cycle.

Speed transcription turnaround times

Get unparalleled document consistency and quality, reduce costs, and increase physician satisfaction. Our platform uses powerful background recognition technology to turn dictations into a formatted document routed for editing by experienced, highly skilled medical language specialists.

Tell your patients’ stories naturally

Capture their story efficiently, securely, and on your patients’ terms. The DeliverHealth Platform connects to different front-end speech technology to give your providers a personalized clinical documentation experience that spans solutions, platforms, devices, and physical locations.

Complete clinical documentation from wherever, whenever.


Embrace the power of the DeliverHealth Platform and see how it lets providers complete their documentation in a format that works best for them. And it’s all done within a secure, cloud-based, multi-tenant environment. The industry’s most powerful HIM platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-tenant, cloud-based, secure work environment.
  • Inquiry dashboard/reports let clients view charts in progress.
  • Analytics-based user selection tracks accurate ROI.
  • Flexibility to start and stop dictation in real time.
  • Unsurpassed security and uptime.
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure privacy.
  • Redundant backup systems to keep data safe.
  • Unparalleled document consistency and audio quality.
  • Audio files remain available within the platform to improve quality review.
  • API-based – no maintenance and no need for additional capital expenditures.

“Our providers have a choice about what to do for dictation. Some providers want to be more mobile. They don’t want to sit down in front of a computer because that can slow them down, and computers are sometimes not available. With DeliverHealth, people don’t have to worry about punctuation or blanks. They also don’t have to be docked at a computer or have a computer when they are really busy going from patient to patient. We want to keep DeliverHealth’s services.”

DeliverHealth Customer Surveyed by KLAS