Introducing the eSOne Platform.

Meeet eSOne. DeliverHealth’s state-of-the-art technology platform and cloud-based software suite clears the way for efficient, accurate and secure clinical documentation.

  • Our platform connects to an Azure-secure framework, enables flexible data exchange and leverages AI.
  • It provides optimal security, data backup, protection, redundancy and stability, ensuring robust functionality.
  • Our software suite helps alleviate provider and clinician burnout by improving the connection between technology, medical information and processes used in daily patient care.

eSOne options in the palm of your hand.

eSOne is the only solution in the market that offers one-tap access to scribe and transcription services on the same platform.

This allows providers to complete their documentation whenever, from wherever, in a format that works best for them.

It’s all done with the same secure, cloud-based, multi-tenant environment.

The eSOne mobile app is available through the Apple App Store for iOS phones and/or tablets here: iOS App (Apple). 
For Android users, you can download the eSOne App on Google Play here: Android App

“DeliverHealth has greatly cut down my charting time, allowing my work/life balance to be much improved – thanks!”

Jeannie Lessly, MD, CEO of Doctor Jeannie Senior Care, a division of Creative Healthcare, PLLC

Your existing solutions. Our solutions. One platform.

Purpose Built AI

Identity Management

Mobile First UX/UI

DH Data Exchange

Microsoft Azure Based

Central Analytics and Support Portal

“Rather than having this extra person in the room, it is just the kids, the parents and those directly providing care.”

Dr. Lucas Henderson, Thornton Clinic Director, Every Child Pediatrics