Language access

Simplified for patients, providers & your organization.

Simplify interpretation with a mobile solution that improves care, enhances compliance, enhances reimbursement, and boosts provider satisfaction.

Clear the way for stronger connections.

How does your organization respond when English isn’t a patient’s first language? For too many health systems, the workflow is chaotic. Finding an in-person interpreter— or locating the cart that contains the blue language line telephone or a video remote solution—takes precious minutes.

Language Access Software, built on the powerful DeliverHealth Platform, gives providers and healthcare organizations the tools they need to improve interpretation workflows, enhance care quality, and boost organizational efficiency—all in the palm of their hand.

Why partner with DeliverHealth for interpretation solutions. 

All interpretation workflows in one platform.

Instead of searching for a staff member or cart, providers can simply use the DeliverHealth Platform mobile app to:

  • Select the patient’s name from their list

  • Request and get an interpreter in less than 20 seconds

  • Tap a button to record the patient encounter… all on the same app they already use for transcribing and scribing

  • Follow the same workflow whether you use in-house interpreters or choose one of ours. We offer certified interpreters in 250 languages! 

Because the patient’s record lives in the DeliverHealth platform, the patient can get the follow-up care they need in their language of choice. The audio file of the interaction lives within the hospital’s EHR. That means administrators can access the audio files, review them for quality, and get data to help improve future care experiences.

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