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How does your organization respond when English isn’t a patient’s first language? For too many health systems, the workflow is chaotic. Finding an in-person interpreter—or locating the cart that contains the blue language line telephone or a video remote solution—takes precious minutes.

With the increasing demand for all things digital, DH Language Access, built on the powerful DeliverHealth Platform, provides the first mobile approach to interpretation services. DH Language Access gives providers and healthcare organizations technology to streamline interpretation workflows and enhance care quality, all in the palms of their hands.

Why partner with DeliverHealth.

End the scramble to find an interpreter.

DH Language Access not only improves the quality of patient care but also helps providers by:

  • Reducing time spent finding interpreters by accessing multiple certified vendors and in-house staff with just one tap of a button.
  • Providing reporting that can simplify reimbursement, proving that interpretation services were used appropriately.
  • Capturing and ensuring timely, accurate reimbursement by tracking language services and session time, which is required for code selection.
  • Creating a unified workflow for in-house and outsourced interpreters, improving utilization of bilingual staff, and bringing the least costly, most efficient and effective third-party services to the forefront.
  • Allowing physicians to stay in the same workflow that is currently being used for documentation and scribing, which leads to time and cost savings and a more frictionless, less stressful encounter.
  • Tracking rich metadata such as call duration, completion status, and interpreter utilization to drive improvements wherever reimbursement is not available.