DeliverHealth Medical Scribing

Allowing our clinicians to focus on what is more important – the patient!

One solution does not fit for all clinicians within the same group, same specialty in two different work settings. DeliverHealth provides you with multiple documentation options to benefit clinicians, patients and facilities.

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Asynchronous medical scribing.

Accessing a trained medical scribe on the DeliverHealth platform is as easy as tapping a button on an iPhone or Android device.

DeliverHealth’s eSOne mobile app allows clinicians to record the patient-clinician encounter for our highly trained medical scribes to listen and create a structured note in the EHR for physicians to review and sign off.

Synchronous medical scribing.

Spend time on patients, not paperwork. DeliverHealth’s Synchronous Scribe solution lifts the burden of documentation so providers can focus on what matters most – spending time on patient care.

  • Frees up valuable physician time
  • Provides real-time collaboration
  • Simple and secure: connect virtually from anywhere via our eSOne™ platform
  • Utilizes medical scribes, not medical students so you have a long-term documentation partner
  • Single platform for transcription and scribing

Key benefits of using DeliverHealth Medical Scribing options:

Why DeliverHealth?

  • eSOne, the most powerful HIM Platform in the industry
  • Seamless toggle between “Scribing” and “Dictation”…same application, same user interface, and with one dashboard
  • Additional technology not required
  • Scribes available anywhere and anytime
  • SIU interface available with EHR
  • Works with all EHRs and specialties

Who we serve.

Doctor and Kids
Hospitals and Healthcare Systems:
  • Glean all earned reimbursements from more complete documentation
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores by improving the quality of the Clinician / Patient interaction
  • Facilitate and maximize the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of patient care
  • Improve provider satisfaction and retention rate

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“DeliverHealth has greatly cut down my charting time allowing my work/life balance to be much improved – thanks!” – Jeannie Lessly, M.D., CEO of Doctor Jeannie Senior Care, a Division of Creative Healthcare, PLLC.

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Learn about the work medical scribes do and how our team is helping clinicians improve patient care while reducing burdens.