EHR Realization

Drive maximum benefit from your EHR.

Get past the noise of competing IT priorities and put your EHR on the fast track to success. DeliverHealth combines its innovative platform with deep subject matter expertise to help you get the most from your investment and give your EHR the priority status it deserves.

Start your EHR off on the right foot.

Launching a new EHR consumes considerable staff bandwidth. If not managed properly, it can overwhelm your team and stretch departmental budgets thin. DeliverHealth EHR Realization can give you the resources you need to overcome these obstacles. Let us manage the build, testing, training, and cutover, help with analytics and knowledge transfer, and support your legacy EHR system so your team can focus on new EHR activation.

Why partner with DeliverHealth for EHR Realization.

Scale your staff quickly as you grow.

To get the most from EHR upgrades, updates, and system enhancements, many healthcare organizations need extra help. DeliverHealth provides you with clinical, revenue, and patient access application experts who can support your internal teams through optimization and maintenance. Let us assist you with implementation services, project management, or application builds.

Optimize your EHR with a partner who knows you.

Leverage expertise that can support your EHR over the long term. DeliverHealth can help support your contact center, manage EHR break-fix and maintenance, and deliver custom, timely reporting, so your mission-critical projects stay on track.

Key Benefits

  • Optimize your EHR
  • Boost employee satisfaction
  • Enhance IT effectiveness
  • Drive clinical and end-user adoption
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Get more bandwidth to focus on new projects and upgrades

“I looked at other solutions, but nobody could provide the customer service, quality of work, and client relationship that [DeliverHealth] has given us. It is really important to us to talk to a vendor openly and honestly and get feedback both ways. We love DeliverHealth’s positivity and willingness to be there and help us. . . We feel like the customer and that we are really important to them.”

DeliverHealth Customer surveyed by KLAS

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