Security and Risk Management

Maintain compliance and protect your patients’ health information.

With healthcare-related data breaches happening more frequently, you cannot afford to simply “check a box” when it comes to performing regular Security Risk Assessments (SRAs). Let DeliverHealth’s Security and Risk Management experts and intuitive tools help you build or complement your HIPAA Privacy and Security Program.

Ease the complexities of the HIPAA Security Rule.

Whether you are a small provider practice or an enterprise health system, staying compliant is complex. Not only do you need to complete regular organization-wide SRAs, but you also must cover all three… administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. DeliverHealth’s team knows the ins and outs of the HIPAA Security Rule. We will help you implement safeguards and create well-executed SRAs with action plans that minimize and mitigate the risk for breaches, phishing, scams, and network attacks.

Know your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Get a third-party view of your network to know your most significant risk areas. With the right SRA, action plans, policies, and procedures in place, you will understand how best to safeguard your patients’ protected health information. You will also reduce your risk of large fines in the event of an inadvertent audit or breach investigation.

Access the information you need when you need it.

It’s too easy for critical security and privacy data to get lost in a sea of spreadsheets or PDFs. DeliverHealth uses intuitive tools that give time back to your team and allow you to deliver precise information quickly at an auditor’s request.

Key Benefits

  • Meet HIPAA and other compliance requirements
  • Achieve CMS Exceptional Performance Bonus and other incentives
  • Safeguard protected health information
  • Address security vulnerabilities
  • Enhance audit responsiveness

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