DeliverHealth and Becker’s Roundtable Discussion

by | June 29, 2022 | Press Releases

DeliverHealth’s Michael Clark, CEO, and Jodie Hilliker, senior director of EHR and Managed Services, led a roundtable discussion about how burdensome documentation requirements are contributing to physician burnout. The key to satisfied physicians, they explained, is leveraging automated or self-directed support systems and tools, such as those found in DeliverHealth’s Platform.

The roundtable was a collaboration between Becker’s and DeliverHealth, and took place during Becker’s Hospital Review’s 12th Annual Meeting. The discussion centered on charting a map to a better physician experience.

During the discussion, Michael and Jodie emphasized that automation technologies and analytics tools such as DeliverHealth’s can help identify and reduce physician burnout, allowing physicians to do what they really want — spend more time caring for their patients.

“Using such technologies is not necessarily an expensive endeavor and if you have experts on the other end . . . that’s even more beneficial,” Jodie said. Read the write-up of the panel discussion, “Physician burnout: What organizations are doing to cope with the fire under their feet.”