DeliverHealth and iMedX Enabling Comprehensive Clinical Documentation Solutions

by | December 12, 2023 | Clinical Documentation, Press Releases

DeliverHealth expands its partnership with iMedX, Australia’s largest transcription solution provider, to transform the way ANZ providers manage clinical documentation.

It’s no secret that documenting healthcare service outcomes and the creation of timely, accurate clinical documentation are putting increased pressure on clinicians. As an outcome of these pressures, increasingly healthcare providers are looking for ways to reduce their documentation workloads to free clinicians up to focus on patient care while reducing costs. Powered by the eScription One (eSOne™) platform, iMedX and DeliverHealth are using advanced AI technology to generate efficiencies centred around faster documentation creation and faster turnaround times on letter delivery.

Under an exclusive innovation roadmap our partnership aims to transform the way traditional transcription services are delivered for all eSOne customers.

The roadmap will leverage the experience and expertise iMedX has in Australian and New Zealand hospitals and health services with new technologies, aiming to elevate the value we deliver across the entire workflow process through workflow management, integration, quality documentation, after sale support, turnaround times and operational efficiencies that reduce costs.

The roadmap will deliver additional benefits in:

  • Meeting the needs of your health service and meeting clinicians where they are
  • Enhanced speech recognition options for clinicians in the clinical documentation workflow
  • Real time turnaround for clinical documentation using AI technology
  • Utilisation of the very latest integration technology to do the heavy lifting workflow automation
  • Efficiency creation – increasing productivity and improving cost savings


“We are thrilled this exclusive partnership will allow IMEDX to be able to offer all eScription One customers the ability to natively improve clinician productivity and reduce documentation through these new features” Alex Zacher, Managing Director, iMedX Australia and New Zealand”


“We are proud of this partnership with IMEDX as we continue to innovate products and services leveraging Al with a clear mission to reduce the documentation burdens placed on providers while improving patient care.” Sasanka (Sy) Yellamanchali, CEO, DeliverHealth


Our clinical documentation roadmap is on track for the launch in 2024.

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