DeliverHealth brings the future of consumer-centered, digital care into focus with addition of award-winning patient engagement suite

by | January 25, 2022 | Press Releases

MADISON, Wis., Jan. 24, 2022 – DeliverHealth, a global provider of technology-enabled solutions for hospitals, health systems and group practices, announced it has expanded its proven portfolio that simplifies the complexities of healthcare by integrating Gemini, a mobile-first patient engagement application developed by DuetHealth, to conveniently connect patients to their health system’s digital front door.

DeliverHealth, which acquired DuetHealth in April 2021, has added to its platform-as-a-service DuetHealth’s Gemini product, a proprietary white-labeled, patient-facing mobile application suite with low-code/no-code administrative capabilities. The DeliverHealth Platform also includes software for revenue cycle integrity, codification and clinical documentation, supported by professional and managed services that deliver greater benefit within Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows.

“Our vision is clear: We will work tirelessly for our clients to strengthen the connection between their patients and providers, wherever that connection occurs,” said Michael Clark, CEO of DeliverHealth. “Our existing revenue cycle and EHR realization solutions allow us to create more efficient provider workflows, but that’s only half the equation. We must also find ways to reduce the complexities of patient access and care in a landscape dotted with disparate point solutions that only add complexity. Acquiring DuetHealth allowed us to add a mobile-first patient app experience software to round out our digital health capabilities in virtual assistant, live chat and live agent offerings.”

Built on award-winning scalable software, Gemini creates a one-of-a-kind experience by enabling the most comprehensive series of patient engagement options on the market inside of one branded customer application. Feature functionalities for patients include real-time scheduling, payment, telehealth visits, health risk assessments, patient monitoring, wayfinding, and more.

“The Gemini software is a launchpad for all your patient digital experiences and provides that central point of unification that extends your brand to your patient consumers,” said Jeff Harper, founder and CEO of DuetHealth and Chief Product Officer for Patient Experience at DeliverHealth. “We ensure your patient engagement opportunities are strengthened by your technology, and that your consumer touchpoints serve as revenue-generating opportunities to help grow your business.”

DeliverHealth’s expansion of its digital health communications solutions comes at a time when digital-first experiences have become competitive table-stakes and essential to accelerating the digital transition of group practices and healthcare systems, yet providers find themselves unprepared for delivering digital experiences at scale: Recent studies report that there has been a 92% increase in preference for scheduling via mobile apps since 2018, and that nearly 65% of patients will switch providers for a better digital experience. Also, the demand for telehealth has multiplied by nearly 40 times compared to the pre-COVID-19 demand.

Harper added that DeliverHealth is investing heavily in the Gemini software to continue to move the industry forward. “New integrations and functionality will continue to be added as we find more ways to connect disconnected point solutions and to evolve the most interconnected patient software in healthcare.”

Clark said that adding top technology like Gemini, paired with reliable HIM solutions and industry-leading services, provides a seamless platform for growth and risk management with a focus on making fundamental administrative tasks simpler. “Especially during times of tremendous change, our technology and support services help providers take better care of themselves and their teams while delivering the best care possible to their patients.”

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