Governance, Risk & Compliance

Upholding the highest standards of data governance and compliance to build and maintain the trust of our customers.

Juliana Inhofer,
Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance
Compliance Officer

Lorrie Barlow
Manager, Privacy, Risk & Compliance
Privacy Officer

Jason Lee
Manager, Information Security & Governance
Deputy CISO

Third-party assurance. Regulatory compliance.

Our team develops and establishes best practices for our employees to serve our customers. Shaping a culture of integrity is essential to gaining and maintaining the trust of you, our customers. 

Applications meeting our information security standards.

All of our third-party applications are held to our assessed thoroughly to identify risk, assess those risks and address risks. 

HIPAA and Privacy

DeliverHealth holds our employees to the highest standards. Annual compliance training is mandatory for all our employees, which includes HIPPA and privacy policies. Additionally, our team works closely with employees to respond to Information Security Questionnaires (ISQ’s) from all our clients.