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Streamline existing workflows with easy-to-use voice transcription on your mobile device

Medical providers and facilities are measured by quality outcomes, and that starts with quality documentation.

Convenience by itself is good. And convenience paired with an innovative solution is great. But when that convenient innovation simplifies the patient-encounter and supports quick capture of accurate documentation for physicians, it can improve your quality outcomes.

Our eSOne Mobile app is a must-have solution that maximizes clinician efficiency and convenience with anytime, anywhere, voice-driven documentation.

Providers can maintain their existing workflows and be more efficient by using their voice — dictating on a mobile device, recorder, or telephone — to deliver structured data to the EHR. Your organization will experience better productivity, faster documentation turnaround time and accuracy, and higher overall user satisfaction.

We’ve elevated convenience to a new level with eSOne, and quality outcome measurements will follow.

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Key Features

  • Flexible workflow options suit administrative and clinician needs.
  • Real-time schedule or patient list serves as a convenient work list.
  • System templates streamline document creation.
  • Historical patient information available for review while dictating.
  • Simplified edit and approval process decreases turnaround times, speed availability of data in the EHR.
  • Authentication automatically triggers distribution to print, fax or populatethe EHR.

Safe, secure distribution

Transcribed content is easily reviewed, edited, and signed on the mobile device, and then automatically delivered to your EHR. With more than 1,600 interfaces for hundreds of different EHRs, transcription content can be automatically:

  • placed in a specified format and location as a narrative report or structured document
  • Forwarded to referring physicians
  • routed for auto-faxing or printing

Our eSOne Mobile app is a safe, secure application that supports HIPAA compliance and complements EHR use by simplifying and supporting high quality documentation that powers physician productivity and improved patient care.

Software designed to optimize transcription.

With eSOne, HIM departments and MTSOs extend an efficient, economical, voice-driven documentation method across the workflow to drive productivity while improving quality. 


Drive clinician satisfaction with convenience

Offer the flexibility of dictation on a computer, recorder or telephone. Better yet, a robust mobile app delivers anytime, anywhere, quick and easy documentation. 


Administrative power

An interactive online dashboard allows administrators to easily analyze and adjust workloads. Managers monitor and strengthen individual transcriptionist performance with Automatic Quality Assurance workflow.


Safeguard service quality

Automated routing shortens turnaround time while unlimited levels of Quality Assurance safeguard accuracy. Innovative platform tools double transcriptionist productivity while advanced resources heighten performance.

Enable interoperability with any EHR system

As a complementary solution to documenting in an EHR, our technology pulls discrete clinical information content from the narrative and discreetly populates the EHR behind the scenes. 

Optimize document creation

Automatic file delivery, formatting and population of demographics improves transcriptionist productivity and accuracy. Editing drafts created with speech recognition takes less time than typing from scratch — improving the throughput of medical documentation specialists and increasing their workload capacity.

Ease operations for MTSOs

Process dictations through our powerful speech recognition software to boost turnaround times, strengthen accuracy, lower transcriptionist fees and increase profit margins. Robust business management tools reroute work, pay transcriptionists or invoice clients with a few simple clicks. A library of transcription reports identify areas of improvement.