EHR Performance

Get the keys to unlocking your ROI

Your EHR is among your biggest investments, so you deserve exceptional adoption, usability, and efficiency.

It’s time to refine clinical workflows and maximize the benefit from your investment.

EHRs are complex. Without the proper resources in place, they cause user frustration, burnout, and escalating IT and rework costs. Post-implementation EHRs remain a challenge and usability gaps are widening.

DeliverHealth closes these gaps.

Our EHR services merge professional teams with technology partnerships to lighten physician EHR burdens, improve user experiences, and deliver optimal EHR outcomes. We’re the only company to combine decades of clinical documentation experience with deep EHR know-how.

The result: refined workflows and user-friendly adoption. Yes, even for physicians.

DeliverHealth also offers best practice activation, training, and staffing to fill EHR skill gaps via on-demand or managed service options for both physicians and patients.

No matter where you are in your EHR lifecycle, DeliverHealth has a portfolio of solutions to accelerate your EHR performance and simplify your EHR complexities.

Shouldn’t all your major investments have such obvious solutions?


of physicians

say clinical documentation in the EHR is the #1 workflow they wish could be performed more efficiently.

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Advisory and Consulting

  • Digital Healthcare Consulting
  • Clinical and Revenue Cycle Consulting
  • EHR Consulting
  • EHR Training

Activation and Adoption

Ensure smooth operations on day one by employing our effective change management, training, and support strategies.

  • Clinical transformation and adoption
  • Integrated testing
  • Command center management
  • At-the-elbow support
  • Legacy EHR Services

On-Demand Services

Extend your team and bridge resource gaps with skilled clinical professionals.

Managed Services – Remote Support

Tackle workflow challenges and get answers to telehealth questions – from hardware to access to patient support.

A trusted EHR performance advisor

Our people

Our resources are continually cross-trained on the latest versions of EHR applications and technologies to help organizations take full advantage of the EHR.

Our platform

Our robust, actionable analytics allow teams to monitor progress, assign resources appropriately, and construct prescriptive optimization, training, and support action plans.


Average years of industry experience of our healthcare IT experts, including clinical or revenue cycle backgrounds.


Years of relevant engagement experience for our healthcare IT experts

“We carefully reviewed everyone’s input, and it was quite clear that DeliverHealth did a superior job by providing a better overall experience and the technical responsiveness that our teams demand. It was a clear choice for us.”

Greg Ator, MD | CMIO | University of Kansas Medical Center

“DeliverHealth’s thorough understanding of how a provider can use Epic reinforced the value of Epic functionality with seamless integration of Nuance® Dragon® Medical. This greatly assisted us in the transition to Epic, improved provider satisfaction, and gave an optimistic outlook to all involved.”

Mark Wess, MD, MSc | CMIO | Greenville Health System

“DeliverHealth EHR Services were so highly valued by the executives at our first Go-Live they recommended we use them for house-wide support, including nursing and ancillary support, during subsequent Go-Lives.”

Jay Eisenberg, MD, MMI | Former CMIO | Peace Health

Investing in your success takes a bold first step. Contact us to maximize your EHR performance.