After celebrating our first year in business, DeliverHealth expands its platform and, to further its capabilities, acquires PresidioHealth

After celebrating our first year in business, DeliverHealth expands its platform and, to further its capabilities, acquires PresidioHealth

The year 2022 is off to a successful — and busy! — start. Heading into our second year of business, we’re proud of the growth and momentum we’ve experienced, as well as the impact we’ve made for our clients and on the healthcare industry at large.

Just in March alone, we exhibited at the inaugural ViVE event, attended HIMSS 2022, unveiled our new DeliverHealth Platform and Partner program, and today announced our recent acquisition of San Francisco-based PresidioHealth, a healthcare technology and clinical intelligence company.

Since the founding of DeliverHealth, simplifying a complicated industry has been at the center of everything we do, and this platform expansion and acquisition are further testaments to our overall vision and mission.

From Disconnected Health IT Point Solutions to the DeliverHealth Platform

With the launch of the DeliverHealth Platform, we’re clearing the way for the healthcare connections that matter most — between clinicians and technology, providers and patients, and people and their health.

We recognize there’s a better way to solve meaningful, real problems that hospitals and health systems experience daily, and that the answer is not always “more technology.” By leveraging a platform versus multiple point solutions, we know our healthcare clients will benefit from less time spent on technology and more time spent on patient care. Also, by bringing together software and services — including in areas of EHR Realization, Documentation, Coding & Revenue Integrity, Digital Health, and Security & Risk Management — providers can expect greater patient engagement and fewer complexities when delivering care and addressing provider burn out.

Speaking of furthering our capabilities, our acquisition of PresidioHealth technology enables us to vastly improve coding quality, coding production, and documentation for physician groups, free-standing ERs, and urgent care centers, which, as a by-product, accelerates the reimbursement cycle. It also gives us the opportunity to expand to other specialties, such as radiology, orthopedics and hospital medicine, to name a few.

With PresidioHealth technology now in our platform, we can help our 800-plus healthcare clients across 2,200 facilities expand their capabilities. Together, we are disrupting the status quo by uniting the latest technology to automate complex processes and propel our customers into the digital age with explainable, purpose-built AI in the workflow.

The past year has been extremely gratifying as we’ve sought to remove complexities within health systems and solve other major systemic challenges, including provider and healthcare worker burnout. Now, we’re ever-more equipped to deliver the best possible experience to our end-users — and to our partners. DeliverHealth’s solutions are designed for an always-evolving partner ecosystem, which in turn enables our clients to drive greater adoption from their existing investments, to efficiently find new capabilities, and to build scalable solutions — all on a single platform.

With year two already off to a successful start, I invite you all to stay tuned. There’s much more from DeliverHealth to come!

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